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Maximise your business returns on old IT Assets and improve the lifecycle of technology with NLTS


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NLTS has been a trailblaser in the IT buyback and data center destruction industry for over 15 years, pioneering innovative solutions and setting the benchmark for excellence across multiple industries.


WEEE Certified

Our dedicated team is here to support your business with a safe and environmentally friendly solution for all your e-waste needs. Not disposing of your WEEE waste in the correct way could result in a huge fine.


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With our retail and wholesale partners, coupled with our pricing analytics tools, we can help your business to sell equipment in the right market, at the right time, maximising your return on investment

About Us -------

We Help Clients With There IT Assets

We are an IT asset recovery company with over 15 years of experience,never encountering a single data breach. Now that's experience you can trust! Understanding the challenges of retiring old IT equipment while maintaining compliance and eco-friendliness,NLTS (North London Telecoms Solutions) makes the process simple and secure. NLTS offers various methods of data destruction, hard drive disposal, and electronics recycling.

Taking an environmentally conscious approach to E-Waste, NLTS properly disposes of, recycles, or refurbishes excess technology equipment.

Valuable equipment undergoes refurbishment and resale to businesses benefiting from the tech, extending its lifecycle. For less valuable equipment, we responsibly recycle as needed. We provide cash buyback, asset liquidation programs, removals, secure shipping, and storage for all your IT asset needs.

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Our Services

On-Site & Off -Site Data Destruction

"On-Site & Off-Site Data Destruction" provides thorough and secure solutions for confidentially disposing of sensitive information.

Asset Recovery

Whether it's end-of-life electronics, excess inventory, or retired equipment, our skilled team utilises a customised approach to recover, refurbish, or responsibly dispose of. We strive to unveil hidden value!

Data Shredding

Experience our top-tier solution for secure and confidential data destruction. Our cutting-edge shredding services guarantee the irreversible obliteration of sensitive information stored on physical media like hard drives, tapes, or documents.

Data Centre Decommissioning

An all-encompassing solution for the responsible and secure dismantling of data center infrastructure. Our specialised team guarantees the systematic decommissioning of servers, networking equipment, and related technologies, adhering to industry best practices and environmental guidelines.

Recycle Your Redundent IT Kit

A sustainability-focused endeavor committed to responsibly disposing of outdated or unused information technology equipment.


View our latest offers, on a wide range of products, From Apple Macbooks, Ipads to Dell XPS´s. Also a large range of access points, components and hard drives.

Sell your equipment at the right price.

By casting a wider net and utilising our long-term partners, we can offer you the best price for your obsolete equipment.

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We are looking to purchase Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Mitel, Ericsson, siemens, shoretel, Alcatel, Snom.